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our mission 

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ” 

                           ― Hippocrates

At Acu Time Wellness you will discover a peaceful and relaxing space to achieve optimal health and balance.  We guide each patient on their unique wellness journey by drawing on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and  modern scientific advancements.  


Balance and harmony are the pillars of our mission.  At Acu Time we encourage prioritizing self-care with individualized treatment plans.  The road to balance and harmony begins with empowering our patients with knowledge.  We explore best practices for achieving desired wellness goals and maintaining abundant health.  This patient/doctor collaborative approach is delivered from a place of respect, integrity, and compassion. 

Care modalities include but are not limited to:  traditional Eastern medicine (e.g. acupuncture, cupping, ear seeds, moxibustion), nutrition, and herbal therapies.  All practitioners are required to continue professional education and maintain the highest levels of expertise within the world of functional medicine and eastern philosophies.   


The space at Acu Time reflects the calming effects of an orderly and efficient environment.  This attention to detail touches every area from clean needle protocols to the sounds, scents, and energy flow of the office space.   


Acu Time is a family practice specializing in body pain, women’s health including fertility, addictions, weight management, and mental health challenges. We treat the whole body and uncover the genesis or root of health issues and work to eliminate these obstacles to achieve the highest levels of wellness.  

​At Acu Time we strive to be a sanctuary for those seeking balance, harmony, tranquility and holistic wellness.  Our goal is to ingrain our practices within a variety of lifestyles for perpetual wellness gains.  We work tirelessly for our patients to feel  the effects of Acu Time's care for body, mind and soul. 


our purpose

our mission

our goal

We look forward to helping you feel great! 

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